Centre Dentaire Place des Promenades
Ste-Marthe-sur-le Lac, Quebec
General Practice

Size: 4,219 sq/ft

Number of Operatories: 9

Floor Plan

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Dr. Laurent Oiknine

Dr. Laurent Oiknine's first dental clinic was opened in a shopping mall in February of 1990. Starting out with no patient base, his dedication and enthusiasm in dentistry quickly gained him a reputation within the community, allowing him to build a huge clientele over a twenty-year period.

This facility lacked windows and daylight, and needed a variety of upgrades to transform it into a more welcoming and efficient space. The old operatories were small with difficult access and had no computerized technologies. Space for consultation and staff activities were also non-existent. "A lack of space and an environment that was not reflective of the quality of work I was doing, prompted me to begin developing ideas for a new office," explains Dr. Oiknine. "I wanted to build a more spacious and functional clinic with state-of-the-art technology."

Discussions with Field Sales Consultant Philippe Dahan and Henry Schein's Dental Design Team led to the planning and execution of the project. "I was fortunate that I didn't have to move far from my old office, in fact, the perfect location was just across the street," explains the doctor. "Having built the commercial building in which my clinic is housed, my wife chose all of the colors and materials, and I had the ability to create ideal configurations and make this my dream clinic. All the operatories are equipped the same way, which makes it easier to facilitate the work for the dentists and hygienists as well as having a terrific impact on my patients. There is a big WOW factor in the new office!".

Centre dentaire Place des Promenades hums with a Zen-inspired mood throughout its 4,219 square foot premises. They can service up to 9 patients simultaneously due to the strategic layout and excellent ergonomics. The reception area projects serenity by using furnishings with clean, simple lines. Contrasting colors on furniture, walls, and flooring enhance the uncluttered and inviting motif. Large windows let an abundance of natural light flow through the facility—quite a difference from the old space. The 9 operatories are equipped with Marus chair packages; Gendex intraoral cameras, and intraoral X-ray. Sleek, steel cabinetry from Midmark and overhead monitors complete the fully loaded, user-friendly workspaces. A new sterilization system incorporating Midmark's M11 and SciCan's Statim lines allow efficient processing of instruments to keep up with a busy schedule.

Left to right: Philippe Dahan, Field Sales Consultant; Christian Marsolais, Quebec Zone General Manager; Dr. Laurent Oiknine; Mathieu D'Amour, D4D Canadian Sales Manager; Sylvain Lepage, Equipment Sales Specialist

A highlight within the practice is E4D's CAD/CAM technology which has opened a whole new world of treatment choices. This innovative, multifaceted technology has a broadspectrum of capabilities that includes scanning, milling, and design options for crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers that can be created and placed on the same day. "The E4D gives an outstanding return on investment," explains Dr. Oiknine. "Procedures can be completed all in one visit which is more convenient for patients while opening new revenue streams for our business."

When the new practice opened in August of 2010, Dr. Oiknine saw the benefits almost immediately. Within the first month patients were accepting more complex treatment recommendations and the appointment schedule had filled to capacity. "We see more patients every day," notes Dr. Oiknine. "Production is up by 50% and referrals have almost doubled! I am very happy with the technology choices for our new office. The Henry Schein team was fantastic—from initial consultation, to design, to installation and follow-up. We are extremely pleased by the support and advice provided by their specialists. All the elements necessary are present in this office to ensure our future success. I am happy…and I imagine we will have to go even bigger at some point! My advice to dentists hoping to build their new office is to not just think about it, forge ahead…make your dream a reality like I did. I've been practicing for over 20 years and my best years are still ahead."

Featured Equipment

E4D CAD/CAM System
Midmark Cabinets
Marus Chair Packages
DEXIS Sensors
SciCan Statim 5000
Biolase ezLase/iLase
Kavo Handpieces
Midmark M11 Sterilizer