Centre dentaire Girard et Martineau
Quebec City, QC
General Practice

Size: 3,500 sq/ft

Number of Operatories: 8

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Drs. Girard & Martineau

The modern dental offices can now reap the abundant rewards of advanced technology to enhance, improve, and streamline the patient experience from start to finish. Groundbreaking equipment such as CAD/CAM Dentistry and Cone Beam CT offer the potential to provide a multitude of treatment options while saving time and cultivating new revenue streams..

Centre dentaire Girard et Martineau, located in Quebec City, has gone through 3 expansions and a complete renovation since their opening in June 1987. Each time they evolve the business to stay current with equipment and technology while providing their patients with higher quality services. Doctors Georges Girard and Suzanne Martineau have continuously pursued their vision of the ideal environment in which to practice. Recent changes have resulted in an 8-operatory, 3,500-sq.-ft. space that has two distinct motifs, each expressing a mood that perfectlyfits into the facility's new image.

The reception space is cool, relaxed, and ultramodern with an abundance of textural features on floors and walls and discreet lighting fixtures. The clinical space conveys a contemporary décor with advanced technologies that have been chosen to treat more complex cases. The E4D CAD/CAM system, digital X-ray, and lasers give the doctors some of the most impactful and cutting-edge products in the marketplace today. These innovative tools have opened doors to faster treatments with better post-op results and are more comfortable for patients—and also give a greater sense of achievement to the doctors..

"We wanted to move forward and offer our patients new treatment choices that would be more convenient for them and more efficient for our staff," comments Dr. Girard. "With so many options available, it can be a challenge to find the right products to meet our business needs. Our Equipment Sales Consultant Jacques Goulet from Henry Schein Canada has been helping us for 18 years. With his professional guidance, we have expanded at our pace and now have a facility that reflects our personalities and our philosophy of patient care."

Left to right: Dr. Georges Girard, Field Sales Consultant Jacques Goulet, and Dr. Suzanne Martineau

"We wanted to move forward and offer our patients new treatment choices that would be more convenient for them and more efficient for our staff," comments Dr. Girard.

With "smart" technology investments and an ongoing strategy for progressive integration of equipment, it is possible to create the optimal patient experience. Patients arriving for a visit will experience a well-designed facility that communicates the care and attention you have invested into your vision—and in their better oral health care.

Centre dentaire Girard et Martineau clearly conveys its commitment to excellence in patient care and an inspired approach to utilizing today's amazing array of dental technologies to the fullest extent. "We're extremely proud of the investments we've made in our practice," notes Dr. Girard. "Technology can be viewed as an extra team member — one that brings a predictable, consistent return on investment—and never takes a vacation!"

"We have received good customer service from Pierre for more than 10 years," explain the doctors. "A visit to their Québec showroom allowed us to try many different pieces of equipment. We chose Pelton & Crane for its quality price, great warranty, and excellent reputation. He also spent several days with us visiting a few clinics in his territory to explore other design options.


Featured Equipment

Air Techniques Compressor/Vacuum
Solmetex Amalgam Separator
SciCan Statim 5000
Sirona C8+/TENEO Chair Packages
Biolase iLase
Sirona Heliodent Plus I/O X-ray
Digident I/O Camera
Gendex Sensors