Gladstone Dental Centre, Halifax, NS
General Practice

Size: 2,800 sq/ft

Number of Operatories: 7

Floor Plan

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Dr. Chris Uhlman, Dr. Filiz Hoetten, Dr. Cheryl MacMahon, Dr. Ali Rabahi and Dr. Sarah Steeves

Under the management of Fine Touch Dental Atlantic Management Inc., Gladstone Dental Centre merged two dental clinics in Halifax, NS. The merger required an increase in space for the facilities in order to accommodate future growth. Fine Touch Dental Atlantic was in need of a training facility for front desk managers, dental assistants, and hygienists. Gladstone was developed as the launch pad for innovative management strategies and programs created by Fine Touch Dental Atlantic who, as a third party, provide best practices in general business and dental business management to dental practitioners.

The old practice needed new equipment and technology as well as a brand new look. Gladstone Dental Centre had been in the Gladstone Professional Centre for many years with the last owner being Dr. Filiz Hoetten. Doctors wanting to practice dentistry without the headaches of the business defined the vision of the clinic with the assistance of Fine Touch Atlantic Dental Atlantic Management Inc. beginning in November 2007. In 2011, with residential demand increasing in the area, Fine Touch Atlantic negotiated a merger with Dr. Chris Uhlman. He too wanted to practice dentistry without business headaches while crystallizing the value of his clinic. Combining the two practices enabled the facility to be renovated, expanded, and upgraded while continuing to provide dental services. Today Dr. Uhlman, Dr. Hoetten. Dr. Cheryl MacMahon, Dr. Ali Rabahi and Dr. Sarah Steeves enjoy Gladstone Dental Centre. Fine Touch Dental Atlantic Management Inc. along with Gladstone's clinical staff wanted to create an environment that was untraditional. It is with great pride that the team view themselves as "outside-the-box" thinkers. They agreed that they wanted a clinic that was bright, funky, and cool.

"Fine Touch Dental Atlantic has a wonderful working relationship with Henry Schein Canada," notes Debbie LeValliant, President and CEO of Fine Touch Dental Atlantic. "We consult with them on a regular basis. For this project we made a request for quotes from a number of dealers. The request included design of the new facility and equipment. Dealers had full creative discretion when it came to their choice of equipment and technology. At the end of the process, we chose Henry Schein Canada as their proposal and architectural presentation was based on our business needs. We used creative designers Entiden Design instead of interior designers and a new, up-andcoming general contractor, Castone Construction, instead of the contractors typically used in the dental industry in Nova Scotia." Henry Schein's Jeff Heckbert (Equipment Sales Specialist), Scott Thornton (Atlantic Zone Manager), Terry McHugh (Field Sales Consultant) and Ed Cornelius (Equipment Service Technician) were instrumental in making this project a success.

Dr. Chris Uhlman, Dr. Filiz Hoetten
and staff.

Left to right: Scott Thornton, Atlantic Zone General Manager; Terry McHugh, Field Sales Consultant; Drs. Filiz Hoetten and Chris Uhlman.

The net result was a concept that was fun, funky, and cool. This team, including Henry Schein Canada, was on time and on budget.

Fine Touch Dental Atlantic operates from the perspective of running a business versus running a dental office. Henry Schein Canada understands our mission and objectives and is therefore able to provide their services to suit our requirements. Amazingly, Gladstone stayed open through much of the renovation as the construction was completed incrementally. Final construction was done over the Christmas break so there was no disruption in service to our patients.

The interior design is a tribute to the 60s Pop Explosion. It focuses on the use of a dramatic colour scheme and art popularized during the period, featuring work by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. High-impact colours for the walls and floors showcase the one of a kind wall art from the movement and blend perfectly with the reception area's furnishings. The upbeat design is bright and cheerful, offering a uniquely stylized and comfortable space for patients and staff to enjoy.

"We have received a lot of press and numerous compliments," notes Dr. Uhlman. "Our open house had full attendance and our new patient flow is extraordinary. Everyone loves the fun of our facility. The staff is happy and very pleased with their spacious and comfortable areas to relax. Our patients are happy as well. Gladstone Dental won the Consumer Choice Award for the Dental Category in Halifax for 2011. Feedback reflects a satisfied clientele—and there are lots of referrals."

Gladstone is truly "patient centered." The new premises allow more clinicians and many more treatment options. A fully digitalized office has streamlined daily activities and allows heightened efficiency and productivity. And, with its state-ofthe-art equipment and technology products, excellent ergonomic configuration, and knockout design — Gladstone is a real success story. The facility also houses its own dental lab, which gives the doctors much more control over a wider variety of patient services.

"Our patients love it," adds Dr. Uhlman. "They have more choices, faster service, and a terrificlooking, fun environment that delivers a much-improved customer experience."

Featured Equipment

Air Techniques AirStar 50/VacStar 80H
Biolase Ezlase 940 Laser
DEXIS Platinum Sensor
Gendex Orthoralix 8500 Pan
Gendex Intraoral X-ray
KaVo Handpieces
Pelton & Crane Solaris Stericentre
Pelton & Crane Spirit 3000 Chair Packages
Pelton & Crane Renaissance Cabinets
Pelton & Crane Delta Q Sterilizer
SciCan Hydrim Instrument Washer
SciCan Statim Sterilizer