Tower Endodontics, Edmonton, AB

Size: 1,800 sq/ft

Number of Operatories: 4

Dr. Eric Dionne

When tackling any new business venture, teamwork is essential in creating the "big picture". Dr. Eric Dionne was unhappy with his original office which had an extremely outdated appearance and the equipment was old. "I really needed to update my equipment and increase the size of my operatories," says Dr. Dionne. "I also wanted an office that would maximize the use of natural daylight." Together with Henry Schein Branch Manager, Dean Pollard and Field Sales Consultant, Bronko Kornhauzer, they have created a modern and specialized clinic outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and technology that act as an extension of Dr. Dionne's expertise.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Tower Endodontics officially opened their doors in May 2010. Their remarkable success has been fueled by the high attention to detail that distinguishes it from a conventional dental clinic. "Typically, an endodontic clinic uses the mainstream of equipment and technology, however Dr. Dionne is a definite exception to that rule," explains Dean. "As a specialist, his requirements were specific and highly detailed which allowed us to work very well together and address his needs."

"Henry Schein is an excellent partner for anyone who wants to consider setting up a new office," says Dr. Dionne. "I found my ideal location in a high-rise building, so I contacted Dean, who put me in touch with all of the contacts that I required. They recommended a contractor as well as a designer who were all very friendly and knowledgeable of new office setups. They even offered financial services if I required them. Dealing with a single company for the entire project took a lot of stress off of me and made the transition to my new practice much easier."

As patients can experience a high level of anxiety at the very thought of endodontic treatments, Tower Endodontics conveys a serene and welcoming environment which is evident by the large panels of glass leading into a beautiful front reception area. A color palette of beige and browns were used throughout the clinic to compliment the stylish, wood accents on the ceilings and granite floors. All of these elements work together in creating a soothing effect for patients. The selection of equipment and technology also works well to enhance the overall design. Four identical operatories are loaded with high-end equipment to optimize the functionality of the office with a seamless room-to-room transition for Dr. Dionne. Three operatories are outfitted with Sirona's C5+ and C8+ treatment centers, while the fourth contains their SINIUS treatment center. All offer the pinnacle of patient comfort while helping the clinical staff to maintain a high level of productivity. "Dr. Dionne loves the sleek appearance of the German-made dental equipment," explains Dean. "The ability to integrate all of the hardware into one package was very attractive to him." Baisch rear and side cabinets, accented by glass countertops complete these operatory settings with a modern and stylish look, while the large-pane windows of the building's exterior allow full access to natural daylight. The digital images provided by J. Morita's Veraviewepocs 3De Panoramic X-ray can be displayed on the dual monitors which are mounted to the treatment centers in each operatory so Dr. Dionne can confidently diagnose and treat his patients.

Dr. Eric Dionne (right) and his staff along with Edmonton Branch Manager,
Dean Pollard, and Field Sales Consultant, Bronko Kornhauzer.

"Henry Schein is an excellent partner for anyone who wants to consider setting up a new office," says Dr. Dionne. "Dealing with a single company for the entire project took a lot of stress off of me and made the transition to my new practice much easier."

The Henry Schein team is confident that Tower Endodontics will continue to succeed now and well into the future. Not only will Dr. Dionne's own patients benefit, but also his referring doctors who are completely at ease with their patients being treated to an exceptional dental experience. "My patients and staff are much happier and love the streamlined design and technology of the new facility," says Dr. Dionne. "Henry Schein has been an outstanding partner to me from day one, straight through to the completion of this project. They have succeeded in creating the ideal work environment to support me in my role as a specialist."

Featured Equipment

Kappler Stericentre
Karl Baisch Side/Rear Cabinets
Midmark Power Air/Power Vacuum Package
Miele Instrument Washer
Pelton & Crane VistaPure Water System
SciCan Bravo Sterilizer
Sirona C5+/C8+ Treatment Centres
Sirona SINIUS Treatment Centre
Sirona Heliodent Plus
Sirona DAC Universal Handpiece Cleaner
Solmetex HG5 Amalgam Separator